Privacy Policy


If you already are a client or you are going to be in the future, there are some things you need to know about our company and the way it uses and will use your personal data after May 25 2018, in compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation.

EMISIA S.A. is a small enterprise, seated in Greece, which offers specialized services in the fields of energy and environmental protection. EMISIA S.A. also creates and licenses software through its webpage.


Either you use our expert services as part of a service/contract/subcontract agreement or you choose to download (license) one of our products, you must enter a legally binding agreement in which you have to be personally identified by giving us your name, address, contact information, VAT number and billing information. No other sensitive information will be needed from your befalf. This constitutes our legal basis about collecting and storing your personal data.


We will retain and properly store your personal data until the completion of whatever kind of agreement between us (service provision, contract, license). After the contractual completion we will delete all your personal data.


Due to the size of our company, EMISIA S.A. is not obliged, under the new GDPR, to appoint a Data Protection Officer. However as a matter of good practice we assure you that only explicitly authorized personnel will have access to your data for the scope described above and only with the time limitations set above.


You have the right to communicate at any time with our authorized personnel and have access to your data, process them or even delete them.


EMISIA is responsible to inform you that your personal data is being stored safely and effectively. We have set and strengthened a technical and electronic mechanism that enables us to avoid anauthorized access to your data.


By downloading, licensing our products or entering into a service agreement with us you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


In the case of a personal data breach without undue delay and according to the General Data Protection Regulation we will notify the supervisory authority, in our case the HELLENIC DATA PROTECTION AUTHORITY. We will take all reasonable measures to fix the problem.