COPERT Versions

COPERT version 5.3.26 – May 2020


  • Fixed a bug for software updater
  • Could not open file from previous version with Version 5.3.23

COPERT version 5.3.23 – May 2020


  • Introduced Command Line Interface

COPERT version 5.3.0 – September 2019


  • New Emission Factors for mopeds 4-stroke.
  • New Emission Factors for motorcycles.
  • Revised evaporation factors for Euro 6d-temp and Euro 6d passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.
  • Revised Euro 6 LCV NOx emissions factors.
  • Calculation of the fossil fuel fraction in biodiesel.
  • Fixed bug with Export Energy Breakdown.
  • Fixed bug with Petrol Hybrid vehicles. Cold Emissions now are in line with the corresponding PC Petrol vehicles.
  • Corrected Implied Emission Factor calculation algorithm when performing an energy balance.
  • Added new UI at the bottom right for the configuration of the COPERT 5 file.
  • Cumulative mileage is now part of the Energy Balance algorithm in order to correctly calculate Evaporation and NH3 emissions when performing an energy balance.

COPERT version 5.2.2 – February 2019


  • Corrected CH4 Hot Emission Factor for PC, LCV vehicles.
  • Minor Bug Fixes.

COPERT version 5.2.1 – November 2018


  • Small changes to the upper speed limits of the hot emission functions to avoid negative values (HDV).

COPERT version 5.2.0 – August 2018


  • ETBE added to list of fuels with an effect on:
    •            CO2 emissions calculation.
    •            Evaporation emissions calculation.
  • New Feature: CRF export.
  • New L-category vehicles added (ATVs and diesel mini cars).
  • Updated evaporation factors for mopeds and motorcycles.
  • Updated CO2 correction methodology taking into account the yearly effect.
  • Updated NMVOC profile for evaporation emissions.
  • New road abrasion non-exhaust emissions.
  • Corrected NFR export:
    •              Differentiation between 2-stroke and 4-stroke vehicles regarding emissions from lubricant consumption.
    •              Inclusion of non-exhaust emissions from road abrasion.
  • Corrected Aromatics/Benzene NMVOC Parameters for CNG vehicles.
  • Corrected Benzene exhaust share for PC Small/Medium Diesel Euro 6.
  • Corrected LCV technology shares for all Euro 3 to 5 vehicles.
  • Corrected LPG density fuel specification.
  • Corrected NH3 emission factors for Buses and Coaches.
  • Corrected NH3 emission factors for HDV Euro 4 and before.
  • Corrected the fuel tank size and canister size of LCV Vehicles and L-category vehicles.
  • Fixed bug on copying data between years (SCR effect was not taken into consideration).
  • Fixed bug on fuel balance for Bi-fueled vehicles.
  • Fixed bug on fuel balanced mileage export to Excel.

COPERT version 5.1.1 – December 2017


  • Entity Mode: Fuel balance performed for all entities within the same year.
  • Entity Mode: New forms added.
  • Fuel consumption is now calculated natively as Energy consumption [TJ/km].
  • Added the functionality to export the calculated Fuel Balance mean activity.
  • Corrected CH4 Heavy Duty Trucks Hot Highway and Rural reduction factor.
  • Corrected CH4 Hot-Cold emission factors for Diesel Passenger cars Euro 5 and on.
  • Corrected Euro 3 2009 fuel effect factors.
  • Corrected N2O Hot Factors for LPG Passenger cars Euro 5 and on.
  • Corrected NH3 Hot Factors for Heavy Duty Trucks Euro 6 vehicles.
  • Corrected NO2 over NOx percentages.
  • Export to NFR: bug fixed with error when exporting multiple years.
  • Fixed bug on emissions from CNG vehicles.
  • Fixed bug on fuel balance when the user adds values only for Petrol/Diesel grade 1 or 2.
  • Fixed bug on fuel balance when the user adds values only on Fossil fuel.
  • Fixed bug when user copies input data from one year to another.
  • Fixed bug with Cold Emissions when the user doesn’t provide both Urban Peak and Off Peak share.
  • Fossil and Bio CO2 emissions are now reported separately.
  • Light Commercial vehicles N1_I Hot Parameters are same as the Passenger Large-SUV Executive vehicles.
  • SCR/EGR usage form added.
  • Updated H:C and O:C ratio in fuel specifications.
  • Updated implied emission factors form.

COPERT version 5.0.1145 – May 2017


  • User can now open the COPERT (*.cop) files by double clicking on them while the COPERT software is running.
  • Fixed an issue in which files containing statistical energy consumption values for more than one year could not be re-opened once created, saved and closed.
  • Bug fixed for importing temperature values from Excel input file.
  • Updated keyboard shortcuts.

COPERT version 5.0.1067 – October 2016


  • Corrected NOx hot emission parameters for PC Diesel Medium
  • New version notification

COPERT version 5.0.1039 – September 2016


  • Access mdb file => SQL compact edition
  • Improved software interface
  • Calculation of long time series in one file
  • Significantly reduced calculation time
  • Export extended to include all input and output information
  • Aggregated factors (hot and cold)
  • Vehicle designed as an “object” in the database
  • New PC Euro 6 2020+ & LDV technology Euro 6 2021+
  • Updated NOx emission factors for PC Diesel & LDV Diesel, Euro6 and on.
  • Updated fuel specifications values
  • Tier2 calculation methodology
  • Automated software updates
  • Import/Export in different file types (xls, xlsx, csv)
  • New names for Euro 6 technologies

COPERT version 4.11.4 – September 2016

  • New PC Euro 6 2020+ and LDV Euro 6 2021+ vehicle category
  • Updated NOx emission factors for PC Diesel & LDV Diesel, Euro6 and on.
  • PC Diesel post Euro 6
  • LDV Diesel post Euro 5

COPERT version 4.11.3 – June 2015

  • Corrected cold emissions for diesel LDV CO, NOx, PM, VOC, CO, FC and fuel consumption related emissions.

COPERT version 4.11.2 – January 2015

  • Bug fixes for emission factors of regulated and non regulated pollutants for Euro 5/V and Euro 6/VI vehicles, including CO, HC, NOx, PM, NH3, N2O, and NO2.
  • Negative emission factors fixed.

COPERT version 4.11.0 – September 2014

  • Updated emission factors of regulated and non regulated pollutants for Euro 5/V and Euro 6/VI vehicles, including CO, HC, NOx, PM, NH3, N2O, and NO2
  • Revisions and updates, where necessary, of NH3, N2O and NO2 emission factors for pre Euro 5/V technologies
  • Revision of Dioxin and Furan emission factors
  • Inclusion of PCB emission factors

COPERT version 4.10.0 – November 2012

  • A new subsector for very small (<0.8 l) gasoline passenger cars of Euro 4-6 technologies has been introduced
  • A new subsector for small (<1.4 l) diesel passenger cars of Euro 4-6 technologies has been introduced
  • A CO2 correction methodology based on type-approval data for Euro 4-6 gasoline and diesel passenger cars has been introduced
  • NOx emission factors for Euro 5/6 diesel passenger cars have been updated to reflect the fact that they exceed NOx emission standards in real-world operation
  • CH4 emission factors for gasoline passenger cars have been updated
  • Mopeds have been split into 2-stroke and 4-stroke and new emission factors have been introduced
  • The methodology for calculating evaporative VOC emissions has been updated and new emission factors for ethanol-containing fuels have been introduced
  • Emission factors for ethanol-fuelled (flexi-fuel) vehicles have been introduced
  • Emission factors for CNG vehicles of Euro 4-6 technologies have been introduced

COPERT version 4.9.1 – August 2012

  • HDV now imported from COPERT III
  • Slope classes correctly allocated
  • Pb apparent fuel conent factor corrected to g/l
  • Remove bug when exporting to CRF in multiple years

COPERT version 4.9.0 – October 2011

COPERT version 4.8.1 – May 2011

COPERT version 4.8.0 – October 2010

  • Updated emission factors for heavy duty vehicles
  • COPERT 4 can be installed with .NET frameworks more recent than 1.1
  • Reports software patch
  • Software updates and bugs fixed

COPERT version 4.7.1 – March 2010

  • Correction of the "Export to Corinair" process
  • Correction of the the heavy metals calculation when applying statistical fuel correction

COPERT version 4.7.0 – December 2009

  • Export directly to NFR09 format
  • Updated emission factors for motorcycles
  • Updated mileage degradation parameters
  • Extension of the gasoline PC methodology to LPG cars as well
  • Execution of all runs with a single button
  • More species/calculations added in the export files
  • Software updates and bugs fixed

COPERT version 4.6.1 – February 2009

  • Bug fixed when user changed Fuel Specifications and Fuel Effect Year on 'Country' > 'Fuel Info' and 'Advanced' form respectively. An error message might occur with version 6.0
  • Bug fixed during Export Data (Excel File) under some specific Windows regional settings. An error message might occur with version 6.0
  • The user is now allowed to enter mileage share for urban busses and mopeds also in rural and highway modes. In the previous versions, only urban share was allowed
  • The Euro 5 and 6 passenger car and light duty trucks emission factors of CH4, N2O, NH3 have been inherited by default from Euro 4. They were zero in the previous version

COPERT version 4.6.0 – December 2008


  • Hot emission factors for Hybrid vehicles based on more experimental data (these are considered to include cold-start emissions as well)
  • Heavy metals emissions include metals from tyre and brake wear
  • Year 2009 specs fuel added
  • Export function for a CRF Reporter XML file. This allows direct exporting of COPERT results for UNFCCC reporting.
  • Reports regrouped in pollutants without Evaporation Emissions, Pollutants with Evaporation and Heavy Metals
  • Information label for the calculation of 'beta' (cold-start mileage) added in the "Run Details" table
  • Inclusion of the NMVOC speciation calculation when pressing the 'All Emissions' button
  • Modification of the Statistical Annual Fuel Consumption and Fuel Specifications import Excel format so that the user can import different values for each country's year
  • Corrected Cold-start Emission Factors calculation. (Bug fixed when only one vehicle type is selected in fleet configuration.)
  • Corrected PM2.5 and PM10 Emissions calculation (Bug fixed when Emissions for multi-year runs resulted in zero.)
  • Corrected NO and NO2 Emissions calculation
  • Corrected Corinair DBF file Export process (Bug fixed concerning multi-years runs.)
  • Bug fixed concerning the different Regional Settings (comma vs. full-stop format)
  • Bug fixed concerning runs including more than 18 years
  • Bug fixed when Highway Speed was equal to Top Speed of Hot Emissions Factors Parameters
  • Amended help topics
Modification of 'Country' > Fuel Info' form:
  • Fuel Consumption can be provided in tonnes or TJ using COPERT, IPCC default or User Conversion Factors
  • Selection of the Fuel Effect Year moved from 'Calculation Factors' > 'Fuel Effect' form to 'Country' > 'Fuel Info' > 'Advanced' form
  • Improved Fuel Quality Specifications table is moved to 'Country' > 'Fuel Info' > 'Advanced' form

COPERT version 4.5.1 – February 2008

  • Corrected N2O and NH3 Emissions calculation (Use of cumulative mileage instead of annual.)
  • Corrected Evaporation Factors calculation (Elimination of error message "Access to the path C:\evap.txt is denied.")
  • Corrected Evaporation Emissions calculation (When temperatures were negative diurnal emissions were "Not a Number" and during Evaporation Emissions calculation error appeared "The provider could not determine the Double value. For example, the row was just created, the default for the Double column was not available, and the consumer had not yet set a new Double value.")
  • Corrected "Import Data (Excel File)" for Annual Mileage
  • Corrected Help Topics
  • Modification of the Temperatures, RVP and Beta import Excel format so that the user can import different values for each country's year
Important Note: The user can have COPERT 4 version 5.1 installed on a computer along with previous versions of COPERT 4. The program can convert files created with version 5.0. For older versions (prior to version 5.0) the user can do the following steps in order to avoid retyping all the input data (Country Info, Fuel Info, Activity Data) the user should:
  • Export the input data (File > Import/Export > Export Data (Excel File)) from the older version
  • Create the same Country and Year(s) (Country > Select/Add) that exist in the older version using the new version
  • Configure the same fleet (Fleet Configuration > Add/Delete Vehicles) that exists in the older version using the new version
  • Create a new import format file (File > Import/Export > Create Import Format Excel File) through the new version
  • Copy and Paste the desired values from the first Excel file to the second
  • Import the updated Excel file (File > Import/Export > Export Data (Excel File)) into the new version

COPERT version 4.4.0 – October 2007

The following chapters of the EMEP/CORINAIR Air Emissions Inventory Guidebook are covered:

  • B710: Road Transport (Activities 070100 – 070500) Ver. 6.0
  • B760: Fuel Evaporation (Activity 070600) Ver 2.1
Methodology issues added/updated in this version:
  • Emissions from CNG Buses
  • Emissions with the use of Biodiesel
  • Distinction of primary NOx emissions to NO2 and NO
  • Emission factors of Euro 4 Diesel Passenger Cars
  • Reductions for future emission standards Euro 5, Euro 6 and Euro V, Euro VI
  • Revised CO2 calculation equations
  • Biofuel related CO2
  • Revised CH4 emission factors
  • Corrected N2O and NH3 emission factors
  • Revised calculation algorithm for CH4, N2O and NH3 hot/cold emissions
  • Faster fleet configuration process
  • Faster calculation of emissions
  • Updated reports

COPERT version 4.3.0 – November 2006 – Official version to replace COPERT III

Methodology issues added/updated in this version:

  • Hot emission factors of regulated pollutants from conventional PCs and PTWs
  • Hybrid vehicle fuel consumption and emission factors
  • N2O/NH3 Emission Factors for PCs and LDVs
  • Particulate matter and airborne particle emission factors
  • New corrections for emission degradation due to mileage
  • Heavy duty vehicle methodology (emission factors, load factor corrections and road gradient reductions)

COPERT version 4.2.0 – July 2006

  • Full version of COPERT III is in this version of the software
  • Back-compatibility to previous COPERT versions and ImportER
  • Easy-to-use wizards to prepare inventory

COPERT version 4.1.4 – March 2006

  • Import from COPERT III
  • Enhanced import/export capabilities (mainly Excel)
  • Mileage Degradation
  • Edit/Delete Country

COPERT version 4.1.0 – Dec 2005

  • User friendly environment
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 instead of Microsoft Access (Runtime version of Access is no longer needed although data is still stored in Access database files)
  • Possibility for time-series in one file
  • Possibility of more than one scenarios in one file
  • Configuration of fleet (local/regional vehicle technologies)
  • Data can be changed at methodological level